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How are our students doing? What do they face, what do they need to be able to continue studying and stay positive? Deborah will discuss this with students Shemar Holmond, Wendy Lopez from sv Tribez and Gilberto Morishaw. The great teacher Steve, teacher and innovator, will join as a professional. Tha RainX will perform with a spoken word specially made for this talk.

If you actively participate in the interview and quiz during the broadcast, you can win a self-care package. Don’t miss it and watch DeeDee Talks Young mental health on Tuesday March 2 between 9 p.m. – 10.30 p.m. On the Youtube channel of Facebook page of by DeeDee.

The show

Meet my guest

Shemar Holmond

Shemar Holmond, calls himself a walking statement He is going to influence Dutch society. His  dream is to eventually implement a new subject in contemporary education that gives kids and students the tools of life and important life skills.I He loves entrepreneurship and philosophizing about life, in between he writes and runs his own company called “Academy of Potential”. In addition to his company, he studies fot hid bachelor in social work. He has a lot of affinity with youth and development. He strives to become the best version of himself.

Wendy Lopez

This is Wendy. She likes to help people and decided on studying social work. She is currently in her last year. Wendy is a social active person, she loves to be around people and she is involved in the community. She is part of the student association called Tribez, but she is also in the board of another association called OCV Hoogvliet. And she is an entrepreneur.

Gilberto Morishaw

Gilberto Morishaw is an activist, student and changemaker that works at the intersection of the fields of democracy, social justice, future of work and meaningful connection. He is originally from Curaçao and lives in the city of the Hague where he is finishing his Master’s in Public Administration with a specialization in International and European Governance.

He currently spends his time thinking about how we as people can productively hold and make space for discomfort and the darkness, and how we can use that to become more whole individuals.

Great Teacher Steve

Steven Asei-Dantoni a.k.a Great Teacher Steve is a researcher and advisor on Inclusive Education and Social Innovation. His work focuses on improving educational experiences with transformative learning. Steven has worked with companies, governments and schools in Denmark, France, Nicaragua, Rwanda, South Africa and the Netherlands. Steven holds a Master of Arts in Geopolitics and International Relations, and a Bachelor of Business Management and Finance. Steven is a research assistant at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam and a guest lecturer at Leiden University. He is the host of the Innovating Education Podcast which focuses on changemakers in education.

The performer

The RainX

Poetry is my playground and I am here to dance and make my presence felt, respectively.

See you tomorrow

Lobi lobi, DeeDee

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